The Portfolio Fix with AAM

The Portfolio Fix with AAM - 2020 Outlook

February 05, 2020 AAM Season 2 Episode 1
The Portfolio Fix with AAM
The Portfolio Fix with AAM - 2020 Outlook
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This is The Portfolio Fix by AAM. The Portfolio Fix is a podcast about financial services. Founded in 1982, Asset Allocation & Management Company, LLC (AAM) is an investment manager exclusively for insurance companies. AAM strives to provide insurance companies with expertise in insurance asset management and practical knowledge of the regulatory and competitive environment. AAM is dedicated to meeting insurance company needs, with expertise across asset classes.

This episode of The Portfolio Fix was recorded on 2-4-2020. Any timely data or views should be considered as of this date unless otherwise specified.

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Episode Host: Patrick McGeever - Corporate Credit Senior Analyst

00:00:36 - Economic Outlook – Marco Bravo, CFA | Senior Portfolio Manager

00:09:55 - Market Outlook – Reed Nuttall, CFA | Chief Investment Officer

00:13:38 - Corporate Credit – Elizabeth Henderson, CFA | Director of Corporate Credit

00:21:57 - Structured Products – Scott Edwards, CFA | Director of Structured Products

00:33:25 - Municipal Market – Gregory Bell, CFA, CPA | Director of Municipal Bonds

00:41:00 - High Yield – Scott Skowronski, CFA | Senior Portfolio Manager

00:47:28 - Convertibles – Tim Senechalle, CFA | Senior Portfolio Manager

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Economic Outlook
Market Oulook
Corporate Credit
Structured Products
Municipal Market
High Yield
Convertible Securities